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Python || Find The Average Using A List – Omit Highest And Lowest Scores

This page will consist of a program which calculates the average of a specific amount of numbers using a list. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE FOR THIS PROGRAM

Python || Snippet – How To Send Text Over A Network Using Socket, Send, & Recv

The following is sample code which demonstrates the use of the “socket“, “connect“, “send“, and “recv” function calls for interprocess communication over a network. The

Python || Random Number Guessing Game Using Random MyRNG & While Loop

Here is another homework assignment which was presented in introduction class. The following is a simple guessing game using commandline arguments, which demonstrates the use

Python || Custom Random Number Generator Class MyRNG

The following is sample code for a simple random number generator class. This random number generator is based on the Park & Miller paper “Random

Python || Pdf Merge Using PyPdf

The following is a simple pdf file merger program which utilizes the “pyPdf” library to manipulate pdf files. This program has the ability to merge

Python || Pdf Split & Extract Using PyPdf

The following is a simple pdf file split & extractor program which utilizes the “pyPdf” library to manipulate pdf files. This program has the ability

Python || How To Install PyPdf Using Python 3

“pyPdf” is a pure Python library built as a PDF toolkit. It is capable of: • Extracting document information (title, author, ...), • Splitting documents

Python || How To Create An Executable Using Cx_Freeze

Python is a simple and powerful programming language for scripting and application development. Various GUI packages available for Python makes it a great choice for

Python || Count The Total Number Of Characters, Vowels, & UPPERCASE Letters Contained In A Sentence Using A ‘For Loop’

Here is a simple program, which demonstrates more practice using the input/output mechanisms which are available in Python. This program will prompt the user to

Python || Snippet – How To Input Numbers Into A List & Display Its Contents Back To User

This snippet demonstrates how to place numbers into a list. It also shows how to display the contents of the list back to the user

Python || Using If Statements & String Variables

As previously mentioned, you can use “int” and “float” to represent numbers, but what if you want to store letters? Strings help you do that.

Python || Simple Math Using Int & Float

This page will display the use of int and float data types. Since python is a flexible programming language, variable data types do not need

Python || Hello World!

This page will consist of creating the typical “hello world!” application. First, open a text editor and save the file as ““. The “.py” is

Python || Which Interpreter To Use?

Unlike compiled programming languages such as C, C++ or Java, Python is an interpreted language. Since this is the case, the type of interpreter you