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Java || Snippet – How To Send Text Over A Network Using Socket

The following is sample code which demonstrates the use of the “socket” function call for interprocess communication over a network. The following

Java || Snippet – How To Do Simple Math Using Integer Arrays

This page will consist of simple programs which demonstrate the process of doing simple math with numbers that are stored in an

Java || Snippet – How To Read & Write Data From A File

This page will consist of a demonstration of a simple quadratic formula program, which highlights the use of the input/output mechanisms of

Java || Snippet – How To Find The Highest & Lowest Numbers Contained In An Integer Array

This page will consist of a simple demonstration for finding the highest and lowest numbers contained in an integer array. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE

Java || Snippet – How To Input Numbers Into An Integer Array & Display Its Contents Back To User

This snippet demonstrates how to place numbers into an integer array. It also shows how to display the contents of the array

Java || Snippet – How To Convert A Decimal Number Into Binary

This page will demonstrate how to convert a decimal number (i.e a whole number) into its binary equivalent. So for example, if

Java || Searching An Integer Array For A Target Value

Here is another actual homework assignment which was presented in an intro to programming class which was used to introduce more practice

Java || Find The Average Using an Array – Omit Highest And Lowest Scores

This page will consist of two programs which calculates the average of a specific amount of numbers using an array. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE

Java || Display Today’s Date Using a Switch Statement

If statements, char’s and strings have been previously discussed, and this page will be more of the same. This program will demonstrate

Java || Snippet – Custom Setw & Setfill Sample Code For Java

This page will consist of a brief implementation of setw/ios::width and setfill/ios::fill in Java. If you are a C++ programmer, no doubt