C++ || Which Compiler To Use?

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A common question one may wonder is, which compiler should I use? There are a few choices, and your choice should probably be based on what you intend to write with it.

If you intend to program on Windows, the path of least resistance is to download one of the Visual Studio Express Editions. This provides you with a straightforward IDE with (obviously) good integration with the Windows platform. Particularly the visual debugger is something many find of great value while learning a language. Click here to download the latest version from Microsoft’s website (free).

Unlike the VC++ experience,  there is no standard GNU IDE, although there are many command line compilers out there that suits many different users needs. As far as IDE’s go, Eclipse is a popular alternative, as is Codeblocks. Both of these will also give you a visual debugger and a build environment.

Ultimately, my opinion is, if you’re running a Windows computer, go with Visual C++. Then when you’re more comfortable with what you’re doing – explore the alternatives.

Personally, I use Visual C++, and all the code that is posted on this site was created using that IDE

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