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Java || Whats My Name? – Practice Using Strings, Methods & Switch Statemens

Here is another actual homework assignment which was presented in an intro to programming class. This program highlights more use using strings,

Java || Count The Total Number Of Characters, Vowels, & UPPERCASE Letters Contained In A Sentence Using A ‘For Loop’

Here is a simple program, which demonstrates more practice using the input/output mechanisms which are available in Java. This program will prompt

Java || Compute The Sum From A String Of Integers & Display Each Number Individually

Here is a simple program, which was presented in a Java course. This program was used to introduce the input/output mechanisms which

Java || Using If Statements, Char & String Variables

As previously mentioned, you can use the “int/float/double” data type to store numbers. But what if you want to store letters? Char

Java || Simple Math Using Int & Float

This page will display the use of int and float data types. Note: you can (obviously) add as many int’s together as

Java || Hello World!

This page will consist of creating the typical “hello world!” application. First, you will need to create a new project in whichever

Java || Which Compiler To Use?

A common question one may wonder is, which compiler should I use? There are a few choices, and your choice should probably