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C++ || Telephone Digit Program – How To Convert Letters To Numbers Using C++

The following is a program with functions which demonstrates how to implement a telephone digit program which converts the letters on a

C++ || Snippet – How To Display The Current Working Directory

The following is sample code which demonstrates how to display the current working directory of the program when its properties were initialized.

C++ || Snippet – How To Convert A Decimal Number Into Binary

This page will demonstrate how to convert a decimal number (i.e a whole number) into its binary equivalent. So for example, if

C++ || Convert Numbers To Words Using A Switch Statement

This program demonstrates more practice using arrays and switch statements. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE FOR THIS PROGRAM Integer Arrays Cin.get Isdigit For loops While

C++ || Char Array – Palindrome Number Checker Using A Character Array, Strlen, Strcpy, & Strcmp

The following is a palindromic number checking program, which demonstrates more use of character array’s, Strlen, & Strcmp. Want sample code for

C++ || Convert Time From Seconds Into Hours, Min, Sec Format

Here is another simple programming assignment. This page will demonstrate how to convert time from -seconds- into HH::MM::SS (hours, minutes seconds) format.

C++ || Char Array – Determine If A String Is A Number Or Not

The following is another intermediate homework assignment which was presented in a C++ programming course. This program was assigned to introduce more

C++ || Snippet – Round A Number To The Nearest Whole Number

This page will display a simple implementation of a function which rounds a floating point number to the nearest whole number. So

C++ || Snippet – How To Find The Minimum & Maximum Of 3 Numbers, Print In Ascending Order

This page will demonstrate how to find the minimum and maximum of 3 numbers. After the maximum and minimum numbers are obtained,

C++ || Snippet – How To Read & Write Data From A User Specified Text File

This page will consist of a demonstration of a simple quadratic formula program, which highlights the use of the input/output mechanisms of

C++ || Printing Various Patterns Using Nested Loops

This page will demonstrate various programs which illustrates the use of nested loops to print selected patterns to the screen. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE

C++ || Savings Account Balance – Calculate The Balance Of A Savings Account At The End Of A Period

Here is another actual homework assignment which was presented in an intro to programming class. The following program was a question taken

C++ || Snippet – How To Reverse An Integer Using Modulus & While Loop

This page will consist of a simple program which demonstrates how to reverse an integer (not an int array) using modulus and

C++ || Cash Register Simulation – Display The Total Sales Amount In Dollars & Cents Using Modulus

The following is a simple program which demonstrates more use of the modulus (%) function to manipulate integer data. REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE FOR